Furious curios

Learning by mistakes of others – and be amazed! However, it should be remembered: The risk of risking something in life has to be balanced against the risk of risking nothing.

When thousands of cubic meters of water stand still – daggers are always sensitive to climb:

Helicopter crash at Großglockner without any injuries, but with lots of luck. The landing place at that exposed spot has a 300 meter vertical drop on the other side:

Quelle: YouTube, Peter Trenkwalder

Close – even closer – and then there was the guardian angel:

Source: YouTube, irishpatrick6

Zwieselbacher Rosskogel done – with 30.821 m highest mountain of Stubaier Alps:

The other day at the Alpspitze – some could even laugh:

A pile of metal to stabilise the spine and a year’s break: that’s all it takes to cure a belay mistake (here: loss of control by the belayer when lowering with a tangled rope):

Who overtakes whom? Not everybody understands the meaning of a rope team on the glacier:

All right! The handling of half ropes has to be learned:

Rappel anchor at Wadi Rum – still enough space for new slings:

Two-way traffic unwanted – Mountaineers in single file on their ego trip through the Lhotse Face on the way to the summit of Everest:

Source: Ralf Dujmovits

Good conditions at the Weismies? A matter of the viewpoint:

Blood smeared T-shirt after an outbreak of a rappel anchor followed by a ground fall into a thorn hedge. Rappelling at the limit was never a good idea:

A lot of time at the belay in the ice:

The boundaries burst – not only in this respect – in the Danube Valley:

Here the nails cutting has done soon:

Source: The Alpinist