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Excerpts of the TV show “Hallo Hessen” about our first ascent on Monarch Mountain in Canada.

hr-Fernsehen – Hallo Hessen, part 1

Michael Rinn is the first Hesse to be nominated for the Piolet d’Or with a first ascent of Monarch Mountain in Canada. The “Golden Ice Axe” is considered as the Oscar of the alpinists. In this interview, he talks about this special first ascent.

Host: Andrea Ballschuh
On air: 29.08.2018

hr-Fernsehen – Hallo Hessen, part 2

The vertical South-West Face of Monarch Mountain in Canada was considered to be the highest unclimbed wall in the 1600 kilometer long Coast Mountain range between Vancouver and Alaska. In 2017 Michael Rinn and Simon Richardson opened the first route on this wall. More details about this first ascent in this interview.

Host: Andrea Ballschuh
On air: 29.08.2018

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