Inspiring keynote speech from the world of mountain sports

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An inspirational keynote from the world of mountain sports offers many metaphors for life, and is the perfect start for your next corporate event, annual party or outdoor event!

My topics that have been on my mind for many years:

Teamwork and communication – the key to success

Mountain sports is team sports. Common goal setting on one hand – personal focus, mental attitude and reflection on the other. What attitude do mountaineers adopt in difficult situations? What do I do because others expect me to, and what do I do because I really want to? As a rope team, you are literally connected to your partner – and intense experiences on the mountain weld together, but can also tear partners apart. Good communication is the crucial factor in achieving our goals.

Out of the comfort zone – fear, courage, and personal potentials

Mountaineering is a sport that takes place in a dangerous environment – just think of unexpected weather changes, falling rocks, avalanches or glacier crevasses. Fear is an important component in this and keeps us alive – but fear can also prevent us from achieving our goals. Because fears take away our freedom and keep us from realising our dreams. When we face our fears, we are free inside – with the consequence of outer freedom to live our dreams. Using my experiences from the mountain world, I explain the role and importance of fear and how it can help us finding our own strength when we recognise what is blocking us.

Crossing boundaries – balancing between ambition and addiction

Human being as a risk factor: Every alpinist knows that the mountains carry dangers. But what do you do when your own ambition becomes the greatest danger? How do you find the right balance on the fine line between ambition and addiction – with a focus to choose people over goals and concentrating on progress rather than forcing pure performance?

Duration per keynote: 10 – 15 minutes

Client feedback

» Micha Rinn’s presentation about his mountaineering experiences on Monarch Mountain in Canada was very impressive. The felicitous photographs documented the beauty and challenges of mountaineering in western Canada. His presentation style was particularly appealing – as an experienced and level-headed mountaineer, he combined technical aspects of climbing with personal anecdotes from his summit ascent with passion and expertise. The very good structuring of the lecture, together with the visual impressions and information presented, created a pleasant lecture atmosphere. Many thanks for the great presentation – our audience was thrilled! «

Dr. Ansgar Dorenkamp
MGG board, Philipps-Universität Marburg
(Live presentation at the Marburger Geographische Gesellschaft 2023)

» This lecture has inspired us all. With his authentic and sympathetic manner and beautiful pictures, Micha gave us an understanding of the fascination of the mountain world. He did a great job of highlighting what is important in a rope team in order to successfully reach the goal. «

Claudia Weiß
Key Account Manager, ibo Akademie GmbH
(Live presentation at the ibo exchange 2022)

» The lecture went down very well with us – great pictures, sympathetically presented and the optimal length for our format. We received a lot of positive feedback from our customers and the desire for the coming winter and for ice climbing has clearly increased. «

Katharina Baumgartner
Owner Riap Sport
(Live presentation at the Winter Film Opening in Bad Reichenhall 2021)

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