Knowledge transfer in mountaineering

Success or failure:
The basics of tour planning.

Danger identified – danger eliminated:
Getting your fears under control.

The next step:
Ignite the next level of your alpine know-how.

The triad to success:
The right partner, the right equipment, the right project.

Since I have been active in mountaineering, I have been fortunate to receive tremendous help from friends, mentors, and coaches. I firmly believe that they have been fundamental in helping me improve my visions. Today, I would like to offer the same to other mountaineers who might be on a similar path.

How does my mentorship program work

The core of my mentorship program is a 60-minute discussion about your mountain activities, reflection on your successes/failures and possible ways out of any problems, followed by a conversation about any other questions you may have.

The session is completely free and without any commitment on your part. You can pay me back by making progress in your mountaineering career and becoming an outstanding member of the larger mountaineering community.


The meeting takes one hour in total, using the video meeting directly on this website. All you need is a up-to-date browser. The meeting can be in German or English language.


The participation is open to everyone who is serious about advancement as a mountaineer and who already has several years of alpine experience.

If you are interested, send me an email with a brief summary of who you are, which mountaineering disciplines you are in, and what you think you might need help with. Please include a list of your alpine climbs that you have climbed in your responsibility (lead). Send your email to:

How does it go on

If after our meeting you feel that you could benefit from a longer term supervision, please let me know. Together we can determine what kind of format makes the most sense to achieve your goal and in which way we can continue the mentoring program.

Maybe an individual Alpine Coaching is also interesting for you?

I look forward to hearing from you!
Micha Rinn

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