Micha Rinn

Hello, my name is Micha Rinn. I’m a passionate alpinist, trainer for alpine & ice climbing/performance mountaineering as well as a bilingual lecture speaker. Besides that I enjoy writing for various magazines and online portals on the topics of mountain sports and alpinism. In 2018 and 2019 I was shortlisted for the Piolet d’Or – the most important international award for exceptionally innovative achievements in modern alpinism.

Why do I love mountaineering so much? Well, the mountains have been a magical attraction to me from an early age – through their sheer size and presence, their wild beauty, their countless peaks as ephemeral and hostile places. Being a small part of this fascinating “universe” has always been – and still is – my great motivation. I love the explorative character of a mountain tour, especially when it comes to exploring new areas and routes or realising exciting ideas – ideally in harmony with the nature, a reliable partner and the right motivation.

Every human being has their own personal potential, which defines them and sets them apart from everyone else. You have to act out and use this in order to achieve the best result – whether through creativity for a new route, the sporting confrontation with the mountain or the human factor, as a rope-partner or in the group. I think that’s what the mountains are all about for me.

Furthermore, I am very happy that we still have such incredibly wild areas on our planet. I hope that generations to come will still have the opportunity to go into the mountains and connect with nature. Because people are most likely to take action to protect those wild places they have a relationship with. For me, this is a great motivation to bring people closer to nature – be it through a climbing course in the mountains, an exciting lecture or a reportage.

My route highlights

Intense experiences and fantastic climbing – for me the highest expression of freedom: